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January 2012

Reg Gove of Lightfolio of is kindly developing a lighting system that will enhance the enjoyment of the Sculpture at night.

June 2011

The Apprenticeships Promotion took place at Worcester County Hall on 17th May 2011. A considerable number of Worcestershire companies participated, and 370 students and parents were able to look at the varied apprenticeships on offer. Representing the Worcestershire Pear Tree Foundation Ltd were sculptor Antony Poels and Committee member Laurie Gregory. The WPT Committee are proud to announce that visitor subscriptions from the proposed Pear Tree Sculpture will be targeted at providing funds for the benefit of apprenticeships in the County of Worcestershire: this has received much enthusiastic support.

April 2011

Caroline Leah, public relations consultant, Fiona Blake and Antony Poels. Antony Poels was kindly invited to talk at the Business Ladies of Worcestershire luncheon when the ladies donated a cheque to Fiona Blake, who represented Sight Concern. Antony’s talk was on the historic significance of the pear tree to our county, and the relevance of The Pear Tree sculpture. In particular he demonstrated the social Impact and the economic benefits that will be generated . It will stand as an identifiable landmark and a testament to the work skills within our county, not just for now but as a banner for developing Apprenticeships going on into the future.

The Directors of Scott Wilson Engineering have generously donated the necessary engineering details for the Pear Tree Sculpture - this will then enable them to be put out for costing. Firmingers in conjunction with Thomas Vale group are kindly donating many skills towards the success of this Community Sculpture, and they will be submitting the details from Scott Wilson for tendering.

The foundation committee are actively in discussions with Frances Roberts (Employer Services Manager) and Philip Round Chairman of Worcester Group Training Association. Both Philip and Frances are highly regarded in their fields of expertise and their experience in the area of Apprenticeships is especially valuable to us in establishing a workable apprenticeships programme for The Worcestershire Pear Tree Foundation Ltd.

Worcester’s own ‘Angel of the North’ - January 2011

Back in October, it was announced that Worcester is to get its very own ‘Angel of the North’ in the shape of a huge Worcestershire black pear tree. ‘The Worcestershire Pear Tree’ sculpture created by Antony Poels, has won immediate admiration.

The giant structure is planned to sit in a Worcestershire fi eld to welcome visitors to the county as they drive on the M5. The structure will be constructed from iron and steel and will be 21 metres tall, higher than the Angel of the North near Gateshead.

Mike Ashton, Chief Executive of Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce which has already been consulted on the plans, said: “It is a great idea. We are proud of our county and this is a nice way to welcome people as well as making the area distinctive to visitors. It would be really good if local businesses were used to supply parts needed to create the sculpture.”

A spokesman said the Angel of the North had had a “phenomenal” impact on tourism and trade in the north east and thought the giant black pear tree, something he described as “key to the county”, could do the same thing for Worcestershire

The steel structure and all the work to do with the construction represents the engineering tradition in the north of our county, while a pear tree represents the rural economy of the south.

In the current economic climate it is a necessary statement of confidence in the working skills of our community. It will encourage a sense of county identity, belonging and pride.

In due course, The Worcestershire Pear Tree committee plan to invite prominent business people from across the county to help drive the project forward. The Pear Tree will become an iconic image for Worcestershire UK.

Pears are also featured on the City of Worcester arms following a visit to the city by Queen Elizabeth 1 in August 1575 when, according to legend, she was so delighted by the sight of a heavily laden pear tree planted near the gate by which she entered the city that she ordered the City elders to add three black pears to the City Arms in recognition of the fi ne tree. Visitors will be able to stop off and admire the sculpture using a car park containing between 50 and 100 spaces.

Annoucement of the Winning Website Design - January 2011

Students on the HND Graphic Design course have each been designing and developing a website for the Worcestershire Pear Tree Foundation Ltd.

The winning website was selected by Colin Foxall, Commercial Director of Nexus Creative Ltd, who had has chosen Brandon Scott's to be the winning design.

Annoucement of the Winning Pear Tree Logo - December 2010

Bill Richards chairman of the Worcestershire pear tree Committee was proud to award the winner of the design award for the Foundation Logo to David Church, and he congratulated the other HND students who had taken part in the competition for their high standard of work.

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