The proposal is to build a 21 metre high, steel pear tree, one metres higher than the Angel of the North, and to site it beside the M5 motorway. You will know that the pear tree has been the symbol of Worcestershire since Queen Elizabeth 1st's visit to Worcester in 1575 when according to legend she was so delighted with the sight of a heavily laden black pear tree planted near the gate by which she entered the city, that she ordered the city elders to add 3 black pears to the City Arms.

All that is history, but it can well serve our purpose today. This county has an industrial north and a rural south. The Worcestershire Pear Tree, which is of steel construction combines both economies. It is a statement of confidence in the work skills of our county at large. Its purpose is to encourage a sense of county identity, belonging and pride.

Throughout history, art forms have played an important part in expressing the resilient human spirit. This sculpture is a deliberate counter response in the face of the present recession. It will speak to those whose daily work takes them up and down our work corridor, the M5. And those just travelling through on holiday will know this is proud Worcestershire.

The project is still in its early stages. The promotion group first met in September 2010. However we have had great encouragement from every sector we have been to. Worcester College has done some amazingly good promotional works and they are filming for an ongoing diary of events which you will be able to view on this website. The County Council heads of departments have encouraged us all the way. Individual companies have donated their skills and here I should like to mention in particular Carey Geo-Design, Hexagon Metrology, Firmingers, Nexus Creative, Richards Sandy Partnership and the Hereford & Worcester Chamber of Commerce.

– The Angel of the North, at first viewed as a quirky idea, has won the hearts of its people and a big plus for their economy. The Worcestershire Pear Tree Foundation believes that Worcestershire can be no less proud of their Sculpture.

A few preliminary specifications:
The height of the sculpture………………………………21metres
The widest section will have a span of……………… 17 metres
The foundations will be approximately…………… 280 cubic metres
The sculpture will be made from Core 10 steel plate
The Tree is expected to Weigh approximately………230 metric tons.

The cost of the structure is likely to be in the region of £1.5 Million. The 21 metre high sculpture will stand on a raised foundation for use as a promenade area. The railings surrounding the promenade area will have Rosettes cast into the handrails to represent members of the armed forces that gave their lives in-service since 1914. There will be panels set into the railings from every primary school in Worcestershire designed by students. The schools will be asked to take part in creating a depiction of what Worcestershire represents to them. Under the guidance of Antony Poels the designs will be replicated in wax and cast in metal. Parking of cars will be facilitated, with a landscaped picnicking area and walkway to the viewing platform. There is allocated space for an education area for people to view aspects of Worcestershire history through the ages, with an emphasis on industrial development and natural history.

Pear Tree CAD Fly Through

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